Beauty for eternity

Villeroy & Boch | Quaryl®

The very first touch is mesmerising. Being silky smooth as well as nice and warm against your skin, Quaryl® bathroom products are perfect for making you feel good. And even the design makes a lasting impression. Find inspiration in the timelessly clear and precise design that is only possible with Quaryl®. Robust surfaces and durable quality complete the perfect experience. Discover the comfortable baths and shower trays made from Quaryl® and enjoy precious moments in your bathroom.

Quaryl® – the exclusive material for exclusive designs

Exclusively from Villeroy & Boch, made in Central Europe and trusted globally for 25 years: by blending 60% natural quartz and high-quality sanitary acrylic, a unique material was created that combines the best properties of both materials. Quaryl® can be used for precise and versatile designs, it is very resistant and pleasant to the touch. An unusual material for beautiful bathroom products of lasting value.

Homogeneous quartz crystals provide the basis for our special Quaryl® material.

The high content of 60% finely ground quartz powder gives our Quaryl® products their unique durability.

Liquid Quaryl® is shaped into the desired form by means of a highly precise casting process.

What makes Quaryl® so unique?

Precise design meets puristic elegance

Quaryl® is the perfect material for modern design solutions in a sophisticated atmosphere. This explains why our perfectly shaped baths and minimalistic shower trays never fail to impress with their unusually precise edges, small radii and thin walls. Flush-fitting, barely visible jets also give our whirlpools an exclusive look. It’s no coincidence that Quaryl® products regularly receive prestigious design awards. 

A brilliant sheen for many years

Every Quaryl® product radiates a unique sheen, which will continue to fascinate for many years to come. The lasting colour stability and UV-resistance of the material enable it to keep its exclusive colour despite exposure to sunshine. The durable products are very resistant to knocks, impacts and scratches. They can even take loads of up to 1000 kg, as our comprehensive quality controls regularly demonstrate. And should any minor damage occur, the surfaces can be repaired quickly and easily.

More comfort and safety at every moment

Quaryl® feels nice and warm to the touch and will make you feel good from the very first moment. It stores the heat of the bathwater for a very long time, ensuring you can enjoy your bath for longer. Its high sound insulation also makes it fun to shower: Quaryl® shower trays make even a powerful rain shower sound just like a quiet whisper. Quaryl® has a natural slip-resistance that provides maximum safety. The highest anti-slip class C in our shower trays in matt colours ensures a firm footing.

Easy to clean surfaces provide perfect hygiene

The smooth, non-porous and closed Quaryl® surfaces not only look elegant, but they are also quick and easy to clean. Dirt cannot gain a hold and can be simply wiped away. Quaryl®, therefore, allows you to enjoy perfect cleanliness and a unique sheen for many years to come.

Our design highlights made from Quaryl®

Award-winning: Quaryl® bathroom products

The special design of our Quaryl® products will not only look impressive in your bathroom, it has also won several prestigious design awards – national and international.

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