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Villeroy&Boch shower trays

A high-quality solution for perfect showering pleasure.

Villeroy & Boch makes taking a shower a comfortable experience. Its modern shower trays combine contemporary design and innovative functionality with unique hygiene benefits: water simply flows off the smooth, seamless surfaces, making it very difficult for bacteria to adhere and allowing quick and easy cleaning. Choose from three materials - ceramic, Quaryl® and acrylic - and a wide range of dimensions, shapes and colours to find the perfect model for your requirements from Villeroy & Boch.

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Which shape of shower tray is best suited to your bathroom?

Shower trays come in a wide variety of shapes, how should you decide which one is right for you? As well as your own personal taste, the main aspect influencing your choice of shape will be the spatial configuration of your bathroom. Not every design is suitable for every bathroom. Find out which shower tray is best suited to your requirements and discover Villeroy & Boch's wide range of attractively shaped solutions.

Square shower trays

This classically shaped shower tray fits perfectly in both large and smaller bathrooms and offers flexible positioning options – in corners or against a side wall.

Rectangular shower trays

A rectangular shape is suitable for both spacious shower solutions and narrower bathrooms. It allows lots of space at the sides, but projects less into the room in comparison with square shower trays.

Quadrant shower trays

An elegant corner solution for small bathrooms. Their rounded front saves space and gives the shower a dynamic look. What's more, there are no corners on which you can stub your toes.

Dimensions and special shapes

Shower trays such as Villeroy & Boch's Infinity models can be cut precisely to size and to suit your room. They therefore offer a tailored solution, even in rooms with columns, corners or projections.

Create space in your bathroom – with Villeroy&Boch's floor level shower trays

Floor-level shower trays are more popular than ever. These models are integrated flush into the floor to create a large, continuous area in the bathroom. As well as making the space look considerably larger, this design also offers greater freedom of movement. Floor-level shower trays score highly in terms of both design and comfort in demanding bathroom projects. They create an expansively modern look in the bathroom while at the same time ensuring safe entry and exit to the shower area. They are an ideal choice for stylish designer bathrooms and a functional solution for contemporary accessible bathrooms.

Five good reasons for choosing a floor-level shower tray from Villeroy&Boch

Flush-fit installation.

Flush-fitting shower trays ensure level and safe entry and exit.

Integrated areas.

The almost seamless transition from shower tray to tiles creates a modern and attractive look in your bathroom.

Non-slip surfaces.

The shower trays are available in different non-slip classes and offer optimal non-slip properties and very secure grip.

Personalised design

Different ViPrint patterns replicate the fine structures of the most popular Villeroy & Boch tiles to create a visually integrated floor surface.

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Impressive variety of models.

Villeroy & Boch shower trays are available in a wide variety of sizes and colours. They are ideal for both small and more generously proportioned living bathrooms and open up extensive scope for bathroom design.

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Villeroy & Boch shower trays come in the three top-quality materials of ceramic, acrylic and Quaryl®. All three materials are distinguished by their perfect workmanship, robust construction and durable quality. Their easy cleaning and non-slip surfaces make Villeroy & Boch shower trays an ideal solution for absolute showering pleasure. Read on to find out more about the benefits of each material and find your perfect shower tray.

Enhance your showering comfort with the right material

Acrylic shower trays

  • Material: durable quality, colour-fast, insulating effect
  • Surfaces: smooth, easy to clean, retain their shine for a long time
  • Comfort: quickly takes on the pleasant temperature of the water, particularly non-slip thanks to VilboGrip.

Quaryl shower trays

  • Material: particularly resistant to shocks, impacts and scratches, UV-resistant, good thermal insulation, precise design
  • Surfaces: smooth and non-porous, easy to clean as it is difficult for dirt to adhere, retain their shine for many years
  • Comfort: warm and skin-friendly, non-slip (TÜV-LGA tested), sound-absorbing

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Ceramic shower trays

  • Material: very scratch-resistant, high temperature resistance, high noise insulation properties
  • Surfaces: easy to care for, selection of modern colours and patterns
  • Comfort: excellent hygiene properties, non-slip