Colour in the bathroom

Theme your bathroom around your favourite season.

From the fresh green of spring to a summery yellow, autumnal pinks or a crisp wintry blue: colours create moods, evoke emotions and are ideal for stamping your bathroom with your own personal style. Inspired by the kaleidoscope of seasonal colours in Paris, the designer Gesa Hansen has developed an exciting new colour concept that opens up boundless creative scope for bathroom design. Choose from fifteen harmonious bathroom colours to create your very own bathroom highlight with Villeroy & Boch.


Fresh, natural and invigorating, green is the quintessential spring colour. Invite this fresh spring feeling into your bathroom, with washbasins in the vibrant green shades of MINT, SENCHA and CEDAR. You can also add a green tint to your furniture with CEDAR.

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A warm and inviting yellow spreads a cheerful and exuberant atmosphere. Washbasins in the summery yellow shades of MACAROON, LEMON and MUSTARD bring radiant sunshine into your bathroom. On request, the SUN shade can add an equally warming glow to your bathroom furniture.

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The colourful variety of red and pink autumn leaves is a joy to behold. Washbasins in the enchanting pink shades of POWDER, BALLET and ROSE help you recreate this romantic mood in your bathroom. The reddish hue of PEONY gives furniture an autumnal feel as well.

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A crisp and fresh wintry blue creates a very contemplative atmosphere. Choose the atmospheric blue shades of FOG, FROST and OCEAN to transform your bathroom into an oasis of peace and relaxation. CLOUD immerses your bathroom furniture in a heavenly blue.

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Grey and black are the epitome of timelessly modern bathroom design. These sober and discreet shades blend harmoniously in any bathroom. Create a stylishly elegant bathroom with washbasins in the FULL MOON, FRENCH LINEN or COAL BLACK shades. For a perfectly coordinated look, the Finion collection furniture is also available in BLACK.

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The idea behind the colour collections

Inspired by the kaleidoscope of seasonal colours in Paris, the designer Gesa Hansen has developed a bathroom colour concept revolving around different shades. Gesa Hansen has picked up on the interior design trend towards strong colours with four harmonious colour collections and a black-grey series and worked with Villeroy & Boch to adapt the concept to bathroom and wellness applications.

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