A walk-in bathroom

Comfort in the bathroom, regardless of disabilities

An accessible bathroom is characterised by certain improvements to comfort and a number of interior design options. Clever planning of taps, fittings and furnishings is needed when creating an accessible space. Barrier-freeand age-related furnishings providing plenty of room to move around are particularly important. A large bathroom is beneficial, but additions can also be made at a later date. Get professional support when planning your perfect bathroom and work with an expert to discover various concepts and the best solutions, even for difficult spaces.

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Design an accessible bathroom

Accessible interior design is ideal for all stages of life. Not only will it provide plenty of space for the entire family, but it can also be used by multiple generations. Looking to the future, accessible bathroom design will ensure a high level of comfort and safety.

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A generous walk-in shower witha shower seat is easy to get in and out of, and the elegant design is suitable for every bathroom. Additional features such as a rain shower head can also provide wonderful spa moments.

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Discreet handles near the washbasin, toilet, bidet or bath make it easier to get up and provide a high level of comfort. Their aesthetic design also blends harmoniously into the bathroom interior. A wheelchair-friendly washbasin with generous storage space also provides a high level of comfort. Fit all towel holders, shelves and cabinets at a convenient height so that everybody can reach them.

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Tips for your accessible bathroom

  • Find out more about what is important when designing an accessible bathroom:
    the DIN 18040 standard explains the most important factors.

  • Make sure that the bathroom entrance has a
    width of at least 90 cm

  • Make sure that your bathroom has at least
    150 cm x 150 cm of free space to allow sufficient freedom of movement, and that it has a
    wheelchair-accessible interior.

  • An accessible toilet also has special dimensions:
    it needs to be at a height of 70 cm and needs a side clearance of 90 cm for wheelchair users.
    A bidet toilet is especially recommended, as it combines the functions of toilet and bidet and saves valuable space.