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An outstanding sink needs equally outstanding taps. Villeroy & Boch’s kitchen taps and fittings combine technical innovation with elegant and stylish design. The taps coordinate perfectly with our ceramic sinks and blend harmoniously into any kitchen design. The taps are available in trendy colours: an ideal choice for anyone looking to add a very special touch to their kitchen.

Find the perfect taps for your kitchen sink at Villeroy & Boch.

Coloured kitchen taps and fittings

A tap that coordinates in colour with your kitchen sink will add a harmonious finishing touch to your kitchen.


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Kitchen taps with a retractable hand spray

A kitchen tap with a pull-out spray hose provides maximum flexibility for washing even large utensils, making light work of everyday kitchen cleanup.


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Special functions

Our taps and fittings are available with an integrated pop-up waste function and include tap solutions for installation in front of a window.


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Functions for unique quality.


Integrated pop-up waste

In technical terms, the Como X kitchen tap is an absolute innovation. The waste outlet can be operated directly from the tap without reaching inside the sink. Simply turn the base of the tap to open and close the waste outlet inside the basin. The integrated pop-up waste feature of the Como X therefore eliminates the need for an additional button to operate the waste outlet, giving the sink a balanced look without compromising on practical functionality.


Ergonomically positioned hand spray

The ergonomic spray head of the Como Switch kitchen tap allows you to easily switch between normal water flow and a spray function.


For sinks with a view

Would you like more light in the kitchen? The Como Window kitchen tap allows you to install your sink even in front of low windows. Save space and power by avoiding reliance on artificial light. Simply pull out the tap and place it in the basin to open and close the window, then put the tap in its normal position again.


Taps for kitchen pros

A Steel Expert kitchen tap is the ideal choice for kitchen pros. Extending far into the sink basin and with a flexible spray head, these taps are easy to use and make light work of washing up even large oven dishes, pans or baking trays. The impressive design of these kitchen taps makes a clear style statement.

Why Villeroy & Boch?

Villeroy & Boch's kitchen taps combine outstanding design with innovative features!

High-quality material

Villeroy & Boch kitchen taps are made from rustproof and lead-free stainless steel. This makes the taps very durable as well as easy to clean.

Optimum installation

Extra-long pull-out spray hoses, external connection spigots and window solutions provide optimum installation options for these kitchen taps.

Maximum comfort

Additional tap features such as a pull-out spray hose, various types of water jet and low-pressure models add to the convenience of these taps during everyday kitchen use.


Well-informed: you can find answers to lots of questions about kitchen taps here.

Why does my tap continue to drip after being turned off?

Dripping can indicate a dirty aerator inside your kitchen tap. Clean the tap aerator and the dripping should stop. Otherwise, please contact our technical customer service.

I have a tap with a retractable hand-held spray and water is leaking at the base and into the sink cabinet. What can I do?

If your kitchen tap is leaking at these points, water may well run into the base or sink cabinet. Check to ensure that the connection between the hose and the tap or spray head is not loose and tighten it if necessary.

There are strange noises coming from the piping system, such as cracking and whistling. What does this mean?

Noises in the plumbing system are caused by pressure ratios that are too high or loose pipes within the wall. Kitchen taps and fittings do not normally make noise. Talk to a plumber, the solution could be a pressure reducer.

The lever of my tap has become loose. What should I do?

If your kitchen tap is made of brass, remove the handle stopper (usually the cold/hot indicator) and use an Allen key to tighten the mounting bolt again.

If you have a stainless steel kitchen tap, the headless screw (not concealed) is beneath the lever. Simply use an Allen key to tighten it.

The spray hose has become stiff and is difficult to return it to its original position. What should I do?

Check to make sure that the weight of the hose or the return spring on your pull-out spray hose are in the correct place. Also check whether the swivel range of your kitchen tap is centred when it is in the normal position. Make sure that the hose is not rubbing against connection hoses or other elements in the sink cabinet.

The tap drips continually – what should I do?

Simply replacing the cartridge inside the tap will resolve this problem.

Water is leaking from beneath the lever – what should I do?

Leaks from beneath the tap lever can be dealt with by replacing the cartridge of the tap.

Why has my tap already started to leak after such a short time?

Inside your kitchen tap is a cartridge with ceramic discs. If these are damaged by dirt from the pipes, this can cause the tap to leak soon after it has been fitted. Leaks can be repaired by replacing the cartridge. Before installing your kitchen tap, the feed pipes must be flushed according to current standards.

How do I replace the cartridge?

Close the angle valve of your kitchen tap and use an Allen key to loosen the mounting bolt on the lever. On brass taps, the mounting bolt is underneath the handle stopper (near the cold/hot indicator), and on stainless steel taps it is underneath the lever. Remove the lever, the rose and the union nut and remove the cartridge from the tap. After checking the inside of the tap for any dirt, insert the new cartridge and secure it with the union nut. Then install the rose, lever and handle stopper again.

Water is leaking from above and below the swivel spray, what should I do?

The swivel aerator rests on sealing rings. If the rings become damaged by dirt or limescale, this can cause a leak. Replace and grease the sealing rings to restore your kitchen tap to its original functionality.

My low-pressure tap is leaking. Should I be worried?

Cold water expands when heated in the boiler, resulting in pressure that is alleviated by water leakage. While the device is heating the water, some water may come out of the spray head.
This process is normal and cannot be prevented. For this reason, please do not use a water flow regulator but only special aerators for low-pressure taps.

Care instructions

Follow our cleaning and care tips to ensure lasting pleasure with your Villeroy & Boch kitchen taps.

Care and cleaning tips for your kitchen taps

To clean your kitchen tap, use a mild cleaning product and a soft cloth. Do not use cleaning products containing hydrochloric acid, formic acid or acetic acid as well as abrasive cleaners as these can cause substantial damage. 
You can prevent limescale build-up by cleaning your kitchen tap regularly. 

When using spray cleaners, never spray the solution directly onto your kitchen tap and fittings. Spray it onto a cloth and use the cloth for cleaning, as the spray mist can penetrate openings and gaps in the fittings and cause damage. After cleaning, rinse with plenty of clear water to completely remove any residue.

Cleaning the aerator

We recommend cleaning the aerator of your kitchen tap every 2 to 4 months, depending on the amount of dirt and limescale. 

To do this, unscrew the aerator from the tap and soak it in vinegar overnight. Rinse the aerator thoroughly with water before reattaching it to the tap.