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About Us

Villeroy & Boch is a brand that has been inspiring to customers around the world for over 260 years. It is still a family owned company. The eighth and ninth generations of the two founding families are actively involved in the creation of outstanding tableware to this day. The company is renowned for its creative design, its style, and its high quality of materials and manufacture.

Villeroy & Boch is now the world’s largest manufacturer of ceramics, from fine luxury tableware to bathrooms and tiles. Whilst well known for our china we also produce a wide range of other products such as quality crystal, cutlery and accessories - many of which are designed to complement our tableware patterns.

As you browse through this website you will discover the beauty; the versatility and the remarkable variety of Villeroy & Boch. All items may be ordered as individual pieces, or multiples thereof, so you can buy whichever items you wish in the sure knowledge that you are choosing a proud brand of longstanding heritage and enduring quality.

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