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Pasta Passion

Pasta Passion

A must for every pasta fan

Whether sitting at the table or relaxing on the sofa: Pasta Passion will allow you to enjoy your favourite pasta creations with ultimate style and ease. Twist spaghetti elegantly using one hand. Slide short pasta shapes onto your fork with ease. A serving bowl completes the range and helps keep your pasta warm for longer if you use the pasta plate M as a lid. All items are made from premium porcelain, are easy to carry and prevent cutlery from slipping. – Perfect for every pasta fan and a special present idea for any occasion!

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Pasta tableware with style

Bella Italia – all pasta great and small

From A in Anelletti to Z in Zitoni, there would appear to be a type of pasta for every letter of the alphabet – Linguine, Penne, Tortellini, Pappardelle, Rigatoni, Cannelloni, etc. This comes as no surprise, after all the annual consumption of pasta throughout the world is approximately 9.5 kilograms per head. Due to the wide variety of pasta meals (for example traditional spaghetti bolognese, pasta topped with cheese and baked under the grill, or pasta swimming in noodle soup): no home should be without versatile pasta tableware. Villeroy & Boch offers functional porcelain crockery with a modern design which creates a harmonious table setting at lunch time with the family or during a festive dinner party.

The right plate for every type of pasta

The fact that pizza is a passion for many is what gave Villeroy & Boch the idea to develop the Pasta Passion collection. Discover the right crockery for every pasta dish. Long, thin types of pasta can be stylishly turned with the aid of the recess in the spaghetti plate. Awarded the Red Dot Award for Product Design in 2016, Pasta Passion is a winner where design is concerned. Every pasta from the pasta plate effortlessly reaches the mouth for an unprecedented taste experience. The two-piece lasagne plate dinnerware set rounds everything off nicely, ensuring that the Italian bake can be attractively served too.

Grana Padano for the final touch?

Many pizza enthusiasts all agree on one thing: pizza isn't truly perfected until the cheese grater is used to round off the dish with a generous sprinkling of tasty Parmesan cheese. It's for that very reason that Villeroy & Boch keeps practical pasta accessories such as cheese graters and cheese slices at the ready in its range. The aromatic hard cheese is effortlessly broken up into delicate flakes and sprinkled over the dish. Additional kitchen aids such as the lasagne server or the XXL pasta serving spoon from the Sereno collection facilitate serving at the table, and turn the meal into a real treat. However, it's not just serving that is made easier with pasta cutlery, practical spaghetti cutlery made up of spoons and forks also helps each guest to twist and turn longer pasta, and is truly impressive with its simple design which is elegantly understated next to the lovely porcelain plates.

For a harmonious atmosphere at the dining table

A fruity Sauvignon Blanc to accompany penne with pesto? Or a mature Merlot with your rigatoni with tomato and aubergine sauce? The right wine can enhance any meal and bring out the ultimate aroma. A set of charming wine glasses and a matching decanter perfect the table setting and turn any pasta meal into a sophisticated dinner. Not just spaghetti aglio e olio, but olive oil and vinegar also belong to every typical Italian table decoration. Served in a beautifully shaped glass vessel with a cork and playful appearance, the oil and seasoning will grab all the attention. Whether pasta crockery, practical cutlery or useful accessories, Villeroy & Boch's quality products are sure to delight and make a lovely gift for pasta enthusiasts.

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