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Easter breakfast

Easter breakfast

Serve Easter meals with a tableware ensemble from Villeroy & Boch

Serve the traditional Easter breakfast on charming breakfast plates from Villeroy & Boch and use the attractive porcelain bowls from the enchanting Easter collections for salads or cereal. Be it warm milk with honey or an aromatic Assam tea, the mugs and cups in the spring Easter ranges are ideal for both hot and cold drinks.

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Down to the very last crumb...

There are countless Easter traditions around the world. Be it painting eggs, Easter egg hunts or blessing food, every region has its own customs. Many families spend Easter Sunday enjoying breakfast or a generous Easter brunch together. Croissants, bread, cold meats, pancakes, salads, fruit desserts and eggs are all eaten from beautiful breakfast plates at the Easter table. Porcelain dishes, plates, egg cups and salt and pepper pots with Easter bunny and spring flower motifs from Villeroy & Boch conjure a very special charm onto your breakfast table and bring a smile onto the face of every guest.

For morning refreshment

Hot and cold drinks at breakfast are essential for a healthy start to the day. An invigorating coffee or cappuccino tastes even better from a coffee cup with spring motifs. The sugar bowls and milk jugs from Villeroy & Boch are also harmoniously coordinated with the tableware ensemble on the breakfast table. Little ones can drink their hot chocolate from a tall porcelain mug with cute Easter décor. The wonderfully fresh spring motifs on white porcelain are expertly complemented by exquisite glasses from Villeroy & Boch, providing the perfect place for orange juice during Easter breakfast, too.

The right way to present Easter eggs

Colourful dyed or painted eggs are a central part of Easter. As a symbol of new life and the resurrection of Christ, they are a must at every Easter meal. But before these colourful little protein bombs can be nestled into tasteful porcelain Easter dishes, the youngest members of the family have to hunt them. Once all the eggs have been found, they are presented in beautiful porcelain egg dishes on the breakfast table. Depending on the size, the egg plates provide space for up to seven fresh eggs. Those who prefer a little more structure can place a matching egg cup next to each plate to hold just a single egg.

The entire world of decorative bunnies

Little porcelain Easter bunnies are the perfect touch on any table at Easter. The cute bunny figures from Villeroy & Boch are more than just decoration – they are also the ideal little gift for collectors. Be it a female bunny with a violin, a male bunny playing the piano or an entire bunny choir, the musical Easter bunnies in the Bunny Family are eye-catchers in any Easter nest and on any Easter table. You can also decorate the table for the Easter dinner with a tasteful Easter bouquet in a spring flower vase and fold napkins with Easter motifs attractively so that your guests will love to use them.

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