Easter crockery for festive meals


Unique, enchanting and atmospheric on any table

The exclusive Villeroy & Boch Easter tableware spreads festive joy on every Easter table – as cheerful and colourful as spring itself, full of flowers and Easter bunnies that almost seem real.

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Material: porcelain
Material: porcelain


Spring is sprung for Easter time

When nature unpacks all its colours in spring, Christians the world over celebrate Jesus' resurrection. The various cultures have each developed their own customs, which range from blessing meals and dying and searching for eggs to traditional egg rolling and baking an Easter lamb cake. In German-speaking regions, it is common to provide an Easter plate filled with Easter grass, eggs and sweets, from which every member of the family can help themselves. Made from high-quality porcelain, the lovingly-decorated Easter dishes from Villeroy & Boch's spring collections are ideal for this custom.

A feast in the morning

In many families, a generous breakfast or copious brunch is a tradition on Easter morning. Colourful eggs are an essential part of the Easter table. The hand-painted and dyed eggs are best presented in the centre of the table in a porcelain egg boat or dish whose delicate décor makes it the perfect match for a festive Easter table. Croissants and rolls are best enjoyed from a breakfast plate decorated with Easter bunny motifs, while the flower-shaped bowls of the Spring Awakening collection conjure a spring atmosphere straight onto the Easter table.

The scent of coffee throughout the house

On the holidays of Good Friday and Easter Monday, it is common for whole families to come together for tea. The crowning glory of the tea table is the Easter lamb cake, whose purity and innocence are a symbol for Jesus Christ. Arranged on a decorative cake plate with base, the Easter cake is extremely enticing. Tea and coffee cups, sugar bowls and milk jugs with spring flower and Easter bunny motifs bring harmony to the look of the table and create some Easter flair for the nearest and dearest. The colourful Easter tableware from Villeroy & Boch is the ideal companion for the holidays.

Perfectly-formed Easter decorations

Easter is ideally suited for bidding farewell to winter with colourful tableware ensembles and fresh decorations. Be it for Easter brunch or afternoon tea, lovingly-designed napkins with Easter motifs and attractive tea lights and vases create the ideal atmosphere at home, while the Easter Bunny hides his eggs in the long grass of the garden. Those who choose Easter decorations and tableware from Villeroy & Boch receive high-quality products that have been created from premium materials in sophisticated production processes and designed with great care. A passion for aesthetics is behind every bunny figure and every Easter plate.

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