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Easter table decor

Easter table decor

Easter Table Decor

Invite spring into your home! A lovingly created Easter decoration on the table is not just a wonderful eye-catcher, it also sets the scene perfectly for spending time with friends and family. A festive table decoration conjures up a wonderful ambience – and makes Easter a feast for all the senses.

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The perfect Easter table: how to decorate your table for Easter But how does the perfect Easter table look? Once again for Easter 2020, there are a few classics you mustn’t be without. Here are a few stylish Easter ideas:

● Nostalgic porcelain Easter dishes are particularly attractive. For a coordinated look, make sure that all your Easter dishes match – from the coffee cup to the sugar bowl. ● For a harmonious overall appearance, complementary cutlery for the Easter table is very important. ● Pretty details such as porcelain egg cups round off the Easter table perfectly. ● It’s not only children who will love an Easter basket with fragrant hay and colourfully decorated Easter eggs. ● Lanterns planted with daffodils or crocuses epitomise the spirit of spring. ● Stylish pillar candles and tealight holders with Easter motifs exude a festive warmth. ● Table linen or placemats with spring designs combine refined table culture with a carefree Easter spirit. ● A vase with spring flowers such as tulips or hyacinths gives your table decoration a vibrant freshness. ● Beautiful Easter serviettes are the perfect finishing touch to the Easter decor on the table. ● Extra glamour is provided by small highlights such as candleholders with Easter designs and classic decorative eggs made of glass.

Natural Easter decor for the table: inspiration & ideas For Easter 2020, the focus is on sustainability and naturalness. You don’t always need to buy Easter decorations for an attractive table: look in your garden, the forest or farm shops for materials you can use to create fabulous table decorations for spring. Here are a few tips:

● Moss: Collect moss and dry it. The dried moss makes a wonderful decoration: you can wrap blown-out eggs with it or design natural-looking Easter nests. ● Brushwood: Collect fresh small twigs from the garden. Using florist’s wire and shears, you can transform them into pretty wreaths as an Easter table decoration. ● Hay: Dry some grass or buy hay from a farm. Colourful Easter eggs look particularly lovely in a bed of fragrant hay. ● Feathers: White or yellow down feathers are ideal for decorating Easter eggs, wreaths or flower arrangements. They give your Easter table decor a carefree lightness.

Easter decoration made of porcelain A real feast for the eyes: Stylish Easter decorations made of porcelain provide a premium look and are a real eye-catcher on your table. You and your family will be able to enjoy high-quality porcelain Easter decorations for many years – each individual piece will find a place in your hearts! And porcelain Easter decorations are incredibly versatile:

● Porcelain ornaments for the Easter bouquet: Rather than using plastic eggs, decorate your Easter bouquet with meticulously detailed porcelain ornaments. The porcelain flower bells by Villeroy & Boch add a magic touch to your Easter bouquet, with charming, festively ringing porcelain blossoms. ● Porcelain Easter bunnies: Whether white and elegant like the plain Easter Bunnies series or colourful and jolly like the Bunny Tales Easter figurines – every Easter table decor needs some bunnies. ● Porcelain vases: Your Easter bouquet will look even more beautiful in a porcelain vase from the Spring Awakening series decorated with spring flowers. The egg-shaped Spring Fantasy vase is ideal for individual twigs. ● Porcelain bowls: Porcelain bowls decorated with flowers, such as the large bowl from the Spring Awakening series, are perfect for stylishly presenting painted Easter eggs. ● Porcelain tealight holders: Candles in egg-shaped Easter tealight holders from the Bunny Tales series are a festive table decoration that illuminate your Easter table with a soft light. ● Porcelain egg jars: Playful Easter egg jars from the Bunny Tales series arouse the curiosity of young and old – and are great for safely storing sweet treats!

Checklist: the perfect Easter table ● With colour-coordinated porcelain dishes in spring designs, you can create a wonderfully attractive Easter table. ● Details such as serviettes, lanterns and vases with fresh flowers add extra glamour to your table. ● With natural materials you can design enchanting Easter table decor yourself. ● Easter decorations made of porcelain look particularly exquisite, and are sustainable and environmentally friendly. ● People of all ages love characterful and meticulously detailed Easter figurines made of porcelain.

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