Wind Up Musical Christmas Ornaments

Wind Up Musical Christmas Ornaments

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Seasonal music boxes: the sound of Christmas!

In 1769, Swiss watchmaker Antoine Favre-Salomon made a musical pocket watch –the world's first music box, albeit in the shape of a watch. Today's music boxes are still examples of outstanding artisan craftsmanship: wind them up, and what is essentially still a watch movement makes the figures move as the music plays, a thoroughly enchanting experience.

The days before Christmas are an exciting time when particularly children hope that all their dreams will come true. A beautifully designed, nostalgic Christmas music box that plays a seasonal tune is a charming addition to your Christmas decorations. The soft, tinkling music immediately brings back childhood memories.

A music box is a stylish ornament and a joy to listen to. There is something very comforting about the sound, which is why music boxes are often bought for babies to send them off to sleep.

Music boxes in Christmas designs that play popular seasonal songs or carols immediately set the mood. Traditional Christmas music boxes are usually either made of fine porcelain or artisan-crafted from wood. A porcelain music box is the height of sophistication, and the perfect addition to a table laid festively with fine bone china.

Christmas music boxes: themed designs & seasonal colours

Christmas music boxes come in various designs, colours and styles. Traditional musical Christmas ornaments made of wood often depict the Nativity: Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus and the Three Wise Men, for example. Another popular seasonal design is a train moving through a snow-covered landscape, often in the form of a snow globe.

Choose a design that matches your Christmas decorations and tableware. Villeroy & Boch sells a select range of fine bone china music boxes and musical ornaments.

The music box in the shape of a Christmas tree is an excellent choice for a table decorated in the classic colours of white, red and green, for example. The gingerbread design in white and shades of cream, on the other hand, looks particularly elegant. If you have decided to opt for a festive red for your decorations, one of the various music boxes featuring Father Christmas would be a perfect match – for example the cheerful Santa Claus sitting on a large book with a small toy train. Christmas porcelain ornaments shaped like delightful gifts add to the mounting excitement before Christmas.

All Villeroy & Boch Christmas music boxes are also great collectables and a great gift idea!

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