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A birthday is an important day, when we celebrate the presence of someone special person in our lives. Milestone birthdays like an eightieth, thirtieth or fortieth, are a cause for particular celebration. From a big party with friends to a cosy evening with your nearest and dearest, no birthday celebration is complete without presents. Find the right gift for every birthday girl or boy in the Villeroy & Boch gift collection, from the exclusive Retro glasses to the romantic Rose Cottage designs or ultra-modern Artesano and New Wave collections.

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Unique gifts for Mother's Day

World's best mum!

Throughout the world, Mother's Day has become a special event in the year when love, affection and reverence for all mothers are celebrated. Initiated in 1907 in the USA by Anna Marie Jarvis as a commemoration for her deceased mother, the custom soon spread throughout the entire world. Where, to start with, children mainly gave their mothers pretty flowers as a gift, today, the choice of Mother's Day gifts has become more varied. From chocolates, accessories and perfumes to charming tableware collections from Villeroy & Boch – there's no limit to the gifts you can give.

Give a nostalgic gift

While school children often give gifts that they have made themselves, mothers of older children are often delighted with something a little more substantial. A home-made strawberry and chocolate roll served on a cake plate from the Rose Cottage design makes the perfect Mother's Day gift. The crockery set from the traditional Rose Cottage collection is fascinating with its fine graceful rose patterns in delicate shades of blue, pink or green. The lovely decorative container or charming teapot make excellent Mother's Day gifts. The charming porcelain crockery is manufactured in a professional production process from shockproof and chip-resistant premium porcelain. In its choice of materials, Villeroy & Boch relies on the highest quality to produce unique aesthetics and delightful designs.

A vase for a sweet-smelling bouquet

Villeroy & Boch has the perfect presentation at the ready for that traditional Mother's Day gift. Whether yellow roses which express appreciation and gratitude, or a bouquet of colourful gerbera which stand for affection and joy, every bouquet makes the perfect gift on Mother's Day when given in a Villeroy & Boch vase. Whether you colour-coordinate the blooms or skilfully contrast them in the vase, the variety of shapes and colours of the vase collections will enable you to effortlessly create stylish flower arrangements. For example, a single orchid in the narrow tapered Nek Mini Vase made of high-quality glass appears purposely staged, whereas a more showy bouquet of flowers is best offered in a bulbous, 550 mm Tiko vase.

For tea- and coffee-connoisseurs

Every mother needs to relax from time to time. Offer her a moment of pure enjoyment with the charming tea accessories from the Rose Cottage series. The sugar bowl and tea caddy in combination with the graceful teapot will give your mum with a precious moment of rest from her hectic daily life. The 6-piece tea set with tea cups and saucers and breakfast plates provides the perfect foundation for a harmonious get-together between mother and child. The enchanting milk jugs from the collection keep the main ingredient at the ready for a café au lait. Add a little sugar, and let the milky coffee soothe the senses. Serve a slice of cake to accompany the coffee to round off the perfect Mother's Day.

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