Surprise new parents with a special present from Villeroy & Boch

The birth of a child is the most amazing moment in the proud parents' lives. Find the perfect present to welcome the new arrival and surprise its parents. From the detailed designs of the attractive, practical and robust Farm Animals tableware to the colourful Play! for Girls and Play! for Boys cutlery. Budding explorers will have lots of fun with the practical, shatterproof Funny Zoo or Farm Animals travel mugs. And the newborn's parents are bound to love a useful cutlery set in a stylish metal case.

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Find a stylish gift

Unique keepsakes for guests

As an expression of gratitude for a warm invitation, in many cultures, thank you gifts for a host form part of social conventions. From a sociological point of view, when you receive a gift you should always reciprocate. However, in the case of giving a gift to a host, the gift is already the acceptance of the invitation to the social gathering. Whether as a gift for the host or inversely, as a thoughtful touch for the guest: a small gift represents a sign of politeness, highest recognition and respect towards the person to whom you are giving the gift. If you would like to give something more exquisite than the traditional bottle of wine, you are bound to be impressed by Villeroy & Boch's stylish gift ideas in terms of their quality and exclusivity.

The most beautiful gifts for the host

The classic gift consists of a sweet temptation, a strong Bordeaux and a fragrant bouquet of flowers. Giving is an art which must be learned and which requires individuality and inventiveness. Therefore, show your gratitude for the hospitality extended to you with a stylish gift from Villeroy & Boch, which, thanks to the workmanship and high-quality materials, will be a keepsake that lasts for ever. As most invitations are for a meal together, the charming napkin rings or glass candlesticks add the perfect finishing touch to a harmonious table setting. The La Classica Nuova collection features delightful gifts which combine perfectly with white porcelain crockery.

Originality with cheeky motifs

What have Strasbourg Cathedral, the Sagrada family in Barcelona and the Galata Tower in Istanbul got in common? As illustrated landmarks, they all add a special touch to the porcelain cups from the NewWave Caffè collection. Curved shapes and a delicate pattern make the coffee mugs from the Cities of the World series the ideal gift for coffee and tea-lovers. Things get a little more abstract with the small tealights, tealight holders, mugs and vases from the Little Gallery collection which will captivate your guests with their soft splashes of colour. Villeroy & Boch is well-known for high quality which is the result of the professional crafting of fine raw materials. The hard premium porcelain is not only shockproof and chip-resistant but also adds a touch of charming elegance to any sideboard and every dining table.

When even the creative packaging is impressive

Many products from Villeroy & Boch are packaged in a high-quality gift box. White lettering decorates the colourful background indicating the name of the traditional company. While many glass candle holders and colourful decorative plates from the Anmut and Amazonia collection are packaged in the classical boxes, with the steak and salad cutlery, you have the additional option of a loving wooden box. If you choose a colourful vase as a gift for your host, it makes sense to fill it with wonderfully fragrant flowers. The narrow neck of the colourful Nek glass vases from the Mini Vase series is perfect for displaying a single calla lily.

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