A tray from Villeroy & Boch – for the final touch when serving

Serve with an eye for detail and enhance the patterns and style of your porcelain sets on a matching tray from Villeroy & Boch. Read more...

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Material: Premium Porcelain
Material: Premium Porcelain

Stylish trays from Villeroy & Boch

The tray for everyday use

Indispensable in the catering trade, practical in the home: trays enable you to take crockery and glasses more quickly to the table and then, after the meal, to quickly clear the table again. Made from the strongest materials and with robust handles, Villeroy & Boch's trays make handy serving assistants, and thanks to their colourful patterns, they can also remain on the table throughout the meal. With floral patterns and winter motifs, they enhance our different collections and perfectly match your porcelain service. Their smooth porcelain, hardwood or plastic surfaces do not get scratched and after use, can be cleaned in no time at all with a damp cloth ready for the next job.

Small versions are useful too

Villeroy & Boch proves that trays are not just designed for carrying plates and cups, with its small dip bowl trays from the Artesano Collection. Precisely three small porcelain bowls fit into the recessed cavities. Surprise your guests with home-made guacamole, cheese dips and spicy vegetable spreads for crisps or nachos. You can also serve oil and vinegar for a fresh salad on a stylish tray made of acacia wood. The small carafes for balsamic vinegar and extra virgin oil fit perfectly in the cavities and, with the original wooden handle, the wooden tray from the Artesano Tavola Accessories collection can be easily passed round the table. With a hint of Tuscany, the small wooden trays can be combined with almost all porcelain collections, and enhance the table with their subtle rustic touch.

The unadulterated elegance of the right material

For the larger trays, Villeroy & Boch relies on robust materials so that they can support the weight of several plates and cups without themselves becoming too heavy. For this reason, only resistant acacia wood came into question for the country-style wooden tray and the tray with stand. Its natural grain pattern features alternating warm brown and golden tones. We use melamine for the serving trays, printed with the respective patterns of the porcelain collections. This high-quality, environmentally-friendly plastic is extremely lightweight but at the same time particularly break resistant. The smallest serving tray in the Royal series is made exclusively from premium bone porcelain and is designed for carrying small pieces of crockery such as sugar bowls or milk jugs.

A kitchen tray for the entire home

Trays don't just come in handy for laying and clearing the table. With a skilful selection of cups, saucers and accessories, trays can be turned into stylish décor elements in your kitchen. Other rooms too, such as the guest room or lounge area where you drink your coffee can also be enlivened with a tray from Villeroy & Boch. A tray made of hard acacia wood is virtually unaffected by weathering and can decorate the table on the patio or balcony all year round. When placed on an equally crafted-looking support, it can be turned into a small, decorative side table, which no winter garden should be without. The porcelain trays can also be used as decorative plates for candles, baker's clay or porcelain figures.


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