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Sauce Boats

Sauce boats from Villeroy & Boch – For serving sauces and dressings

A lot of dishes only reach the pinnacle of culinary finesse when teamed with a tasty sauce, served in a decorative sauce boat from Villeroy & Boch. Read more...

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Elegant sauce boats from Villeroy & Boch

The fine finishing touch

Where would the Christmas turkey or a grilled trout be without an aromatic sauce? Every meat and fish dish needs a fine velouté sauce or demiglace sauce to complete its flavour. That is why the sauce boat is an essential addition to any stylishly laid table. The beautifully-crafted porcelain sauce boats from Villeroy & Boch are ideal for serving hot and cold sauces with starters, main sources or desserts. It does not always have to be a bordelaise sauce served in a beautiful sauce dish to accompany a steak – a homemade bourbon vanilla custard with apple strudel is also a real indulgence when served in a beautiful sauce boat to finish off a meal.

Finishing touch for the table

Every sauce is unique, with its perfect composition and concentration of ingredients, and the versatile sauce jugs from Villeroy & Boch are just as individual. Sophisticated designs, original shapes and magical colour play help the sauce boats make a statement on any table. The sauce boat set in the La Classica Contura collection, for example, brings together subtle, classical design and clean shapes in an enchanting blend. From the handle to the spout, this sauce boat top impresses with conservative décor that gives every dinner a harmonious ambiance. Combined with the matching saucer, it serves every sauce to perfection. The large number of motifs and décors means that you are guaranteed to find a sauce boat collection that perfectly matches your style.

Long-lasting white

The stylish sauce boats from Villeroy & Boch are produced from high-quality porcelain. Depending on the collection, we produce our pieces using dainty-looking white premium porcelain or premium bone porcelain, whose shimmering sheen brings even more elegance to the table. The fine ceramic materials impress with their longevity, which is thanks to the high impact resistance and strong rims of the porcelain. Despite their delicate motifs, many of the sauce boats are dishwasher safe. Because the enchanting designs are sealed under a protective glaze, cleaning in the dishwasher is no problem at all for most of the décors. When looked after properly, a high-quality sauce boat bottom will keep its shine for a long time, just like the beautifully-designed top.

Completion in beautiful design

A delicate sauce is a treat for any connoisseur and quickly becomes the pinnacle of the dish. The taste and character of the sauce play a huge role in the dish, so it is no wonder that the position of saucier in a Michelin starred restaurant is usually held by the most experienced chef. If this tasty finishing touch is then served in an aesthetic sauce boat, it is nothing short of a culinary revelation. Sauce boats are not only used for classic sauces however, as the Flow butter sauce boat shows – it is used to serve warm butter, for example with crunchy cauliflower, in a tasty and stylish way. When you serve a fresh salad as a starter, sauce boats are also useful for holding the dressing.

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