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Water Carafes

Water carafes from Villeroy & Boch – Serve water and juice in style

Serve the daily amount of water from a tasteful water carafe from Villeroy & Boch and combine the freshness of the water with transparent aesthetics.

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Stylish water carafes from Villeroy & Boch

Eastern Mediterranean tradition

On hot summer days, what better refreshment is there than a glass of cool water? Whether still or sparkling mineral water – or as an accompaniment to a glass of strong red wine or a cup of espresso, a glass of cold water should be provided on every table. Serve the liquid refreshment in an elegantly designed water carafe from Villeroy & Boch, and skilfully pour it out for your guests in a stylish manner. Similarly to the coffee bean, the term “carafe“ comes from the Arab world. This vessel made of polished glass, known in the Arabic language as “ġarrāfa”, was originally used for decanting wine. It was not until glass makers perfected the art of crystal glass making in the 19th century, that the carafe also became of interest for serving water.

Classic shapes for easy filling

The skilful workmanship of Villeroy & Boch's water carafes bestows them with certain characteristics that ensure the quality of the vessel. For example, the carafe's spouts and outlets have been designed to make serving problem-free and to avoid that last drop of water running down the outside. The fact that the magical design not only sets attractive accents on the table, but is also useful, is demonstrated by the wide openings of the glass carafes. They make filling the carafe easier, and the harmoniously rounded handles fitted on the glass belly of the carafes make pouring easier. Due to the carafe's puristic design, the focus lies on the clear water which runs straight down into the glass.

Glass or porcelain?

The water carafes from Villeroy & Boch are made from two different materials. Glass carafes are typically used to stylishly serve the natural elixir of life. The high quality of the glass series from the traditional company is also demonstrated in the carefully manufactured glass jugs for which only the best raw materials are used. However, the jugs made of high-class premium porcelain are also convincing with their charming elegance which could hardly be better suited as a basis for the gracefully flowing water. Whether the water carafe is made of glass or porcelain: Villeroy & Boch's vessels are made of high-quality materials which not only have an exclusive exterior appearance but also guarantee a long service life.

Suitable for universal use

Of course, thanks to their beautifully shaped designs, water carafes with their large capacity of 1.5 litres can also function as milk or juice jugs. With their cork seal, the porcelain vessels are particularly suitable for vinegar and oil or aromatic cider. The carafes can also be used as decorative vases due to the simple transparency of the glass. The glass particularly comes into its own when filled with sweet smelling lilies in pastel shades or colourful gerbera. Through its simplicity, the delicate material also harmonises perfectly with our white cutlery sets made of porcelain. Round off the table setting at your next dinner party with a water carafe from Villeroy & Boch and show off your good taste.

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