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Whisky decanters from Villeroy & Boch – Serve fine delicacies in style

Enjoy the sophisticated colour and unique taste of your mature single malt in a beautifully-formed whisky decanter from Villeroy & Boch. Read more...

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Indulgence from the British Isles

Be it a sweet and mild Scottish Aberfeldy or an Irish Tullamore Dew that gets its full flavour composition while maturing in four different barrels, connoisseurs and whisky fans all value an outstanding whisky served in a beautifully-formed whisky decanter from Villeroy & Boch at the end of a long day at work or among friends. Although its origins cannot be pinpointed exactly, the production process of the amber-coloured drink with the inimitable taste dates back to the Fifth Century. But to fully enjoy its taste, you need not only an aromatic single malt, but also the right equipment – a whisky decanter and tumbler.

Air-tight seal for the delicacy

Every experienced whisky fan knows that you cannot simply pour out the “water of life” straight from the bottle. With is perfect form and design, a whisky decanter from Villeroy & Boch, in which the golden spirit sparkles harmoniously in the dimmed romantic light, quickly becomes the eye-catching centrepiece of any table. The glass vessels in the Scotch Whisky collection enchant with their fine design vocabulary and purist design. Unlike a conventional decanter, which allows the wine to breathe, the typical bulbous shape and narrow neck of the whisky decanters are finished off with a stopper. The glass opening needs to be sealed to keep the valuable flavours, scents and ingredients in the vessel.

Functional craftsmanship

The high level of quality in the Villeroy & Boch glass series is reflected in the hand-blown crystal glass whisky decanters. Every part is produced in the traditional way through true craftsmanship. In the aesthetic glass vessels, which hold either 0.75 l or 1 l, this passion for craftsmanship meets modern, resource-saving production processes. The quality is clear to see in the flawless handiwork and stability of the high-quality glass products. It also means that all the decanters are dishwasher safe and will keep their shine for many years when handled properly – so you can sit back and relax with your guests while trying a delicious blended malt or bourbon.

Taste indulgence as a tasteful gift

Anyone who wants to give a whisky decanter as a beautiful gift for an anniversary or wedding can set it off perfectly in combination with the matching tumblers from the Villeroy & Boch glass collection. After all, the spirit only develops its full taste in the right glass, which allows the single malt to be swilled gently to release its flavour. When the glass is combined with a fruity and spicy Glendalough, connoisseurs are sure to love the elegant accessories.

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