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Cereal bowls from Villeroy & Boch – Not just for the breakfast table

Use the cereal bowls from Villeroy & Boch from breakfast to dinner – these versatile all-rounders are hugely effective not only on the dining table. Read more...

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Stylish muesli bowls from Villeroy & Boch

A quick and healthy start to the day

Combine porridge oats, freshly-chopped fruit and creamy yoghurt or whole milk in a cereal bowl in the morning, or save time with a ready-mixed muesli. Breakfast is the most important meal for your body and gives you the energy to get moving. It doesn't matter which cereal you kick off your day with. Whole grain wheat, puffed corn with honey or chocolate flakes? The main thing is that you have a full bowl on the table before setting off for work or school. And because Villeroy & Boch knows that mornings with children or before an important meeting at work can be stressful, all our cereal bowls are dishwasher safe – so that you can concentrate on what matters at the breakfast table.

More than muesli – all-rounders on the breakfast table

Needless to say, the cereal bowls are not only for muesli as breakfast or a snack between meals. The elegant bowls can also be used for salad next to the dinner plate. Almost every collection has its own versions, so you can either choose cereal bowls to match your tableware or make a creative statement by combining them with new décors. If you finish the dinner by serving a dessert like yoghurt with fruit compote or rice pudding, a cereal bowl from Villeroy & Boch can also become a dessert bowl. By sticking to your favourite collection with these bowls, you create a harmonious look for your table that will accompany your dinner from the starter to the very last coffee.

The long history of modern porcelain

Villeroy & Boch uses premium porcelain to produce its cereal bowls. Selected collections are even made from exclusive premium bone porcelain – a fine material with high impact resistance and strong rims, whose radiance turns every meal into a special occasion but that is still easy to care for in everyday life. A lead-free glaze protects the surface and seals the sometimes hand-painted décors, including those on the inside of the bowls. This innovative porcelain was not developed overnight. Years of research, optimization of the production process and an uncompromising passion for design when into the special quality of our service, which you will appreciate every day.

Simply beautiful – bowls for decoration

Empty and clean? Even once breakfast is over, there is no need to hide the cereal bowls in the cupboard. Thanks to their floral patterns and rural motifs, you can also use the bowls to decorate your coffee table in a very special way. Be it as they are or filled with artificial fruits or salt dough biscuits, they bring a breath of fresh air to any table. As the nights draw in, a decorate bowl from the special collection adds a cosy feel to the winter holidays. Treat yourself or offer your guests small chocolates or roasted almonds from the bowls with porcelain figures. Find the perfect design for every time of year and live out your style every day with Villeroy & Boch.

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