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Tea cups from Villeroy & Boch – for a peaceful break from the daily rush

Wakes you up at breakfast time, helps you wind down at the end of the working day: It's always the right time for a tea or infusion in a tea cup from Villeroy & Boch.

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Teacups from Villeroy & Boch – for moments of calm in a hectic world

A cup of tradition

With more than 3,000 varieties, tea is one of the most varied drinks there are, and is drunk all over the world. Unlike coffee, the taste of tea only develops as it brews in the cup or pot, so the aromatic leaves need to have plenty of space. Even ancient Chinese drinking bowls and traditional Japanese porcelain cups tended to have a bulging, relatively shallow shape. This classic design has proven itself time and time again through the centuries. Even in today's British tea culture, the black tea served at high tea is served in round teacups. A matching saucer protects the surface of the table against heat spots and can also be used to hold the teabag or tea egg once the tea is brewed.

The solution for your brew

While green and black teas tend to become bitter if left to stew, herbal, fruit and rooibos teas generally need up to fifteen minutes to release their flavour. Because the surface of a teacup is relatively large, the temperature of the tea falls quickly as it brews. The tea lid for mugs is an elegant solution. Thanks to the space for the tea strainer, tea egg or teabag, the aromas can be left to develop in their own time without too much water evaporating or the tea cooling too much. Another option is the cup and pot set , from which every individual can drink their favourite tea. Finally, the double-walled glass teacups allow you to enjoy hot tea without burning your fingers.

The intuition behind colour, shape and feeling

When choosing the type of porcelain for the various collections, we look at their shine. For example, the more rustic series with their warm tone are made from a porcelain developed especially by Villeroy & Boch. It is particularly impact resistant, has robust rims and, like almost every teacup and saucer in our range, is dishwasher safe. When coloured décors are applied to teacups made from gleaming white premium porcelain, it creates a bright contrast that is protected from damage by a hard, lead-free glaze. The exclusive premium bone porcelain, which is one of the hardest of our porcelain varieties despite its softly shimmering appearance, is decorated with gold and platinum décors in selected collections.

Teacup sets: a gift with taste

Add matching teacups to the existing in your favourite collection or brighten up your breakfast table with one of our fun cup and pot sets. Of course, a teacup with saucer or a sophisticated tea glass is also an original gift for a birthday, or for someone setting up their first home. At Christmas and on other occasions, Villeroy & Boch regularly brings out special collections with fun décors that provide the finishing touch to a special table. With a red bow, a three-piece tea for one set fits perfectly under the decorated Christmas tree.

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