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Modern Dinnerware Sets

A dinner service in a modern design from Villeroy & Boch – timelessly beautiful ensembles

The individual tableware items of a modern dinner service from Villeroy & Boch form a harmonious whole on your festively decorated dining table and provide an exclusive look to the overall ambience. Read more...

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High-quality tableware sets made of fine porcelain from Villeroy & Boch

For the perfect harmonious table setting

No household can be without a dinner service for at least six persons. This means that you will always have enough tableware available for daily use. If you are having guests for dinner, the harmonious unity of décor and design on the soup, dinner and underplates will highlight in a really effective way the deliciousness of the dishes which you have prepared. Supplemented by the appropriate salad and dessert bowls, the individual components create a perfect symbiosis which brings out the special nature of each of your culinary creations! You can also complete the elegant place settings with beautifully designed cutlery from Villeroy & Boch . Our extensive stainless steel cutlery sets mean that you always have the right utensil to hand for every course of the meal. You can satisfy your guests’ individual wishes for drinks using our stylish drinks glasses and goblets.

Elegant complete sets made from high quality porcelain

The modern dinner services from Villeroy & Boch are available in wide range of designs and so we have the right set for every taste! Creations in pure white shimmering premium porcelain or in premium bone porcelain, with its slightly transparent effect, with enrich your table with their puristic exclusivity! Are you ready for something a little more daring? Then the NewWave Collection is the right choice for you! This timelessly elegant but on-trend tableware is impressive because of its asymmetric lines and combines different geometric shapes in a stylish manner. Both traditional and more unusual delicacies can be served with great effect on the attractive plates in this collection. Selected supplementary products, such as great side plates and serving dishes will also ensure that your table has a truly harmonious overall look.

Fresh colours and stylish decorations

With its tasteful decorations and coloured motifs, a modern dinner service composed of coloured tableware items can bring some diversion and welcome liveliness to your table. For example, with the dining table set from the Mariefleur Gris Collection you can bring a hint of naturalness to your festively decorated coffee table and spoil your guests with some freshly baked fruit cakes. These look even more delicious when served on a plate with a subtle floral pattern. An individually composed set of plates from the Colour Concept Collection is guaranteed to attract a lot of attention from your friends! Combining and variation are expressly required here! You can present al sorts of delicacies in a really creative way on these plates in fresh and cheerful on-trend colours!

Always an exclusive present!

Whether it is for someone moving house, a birthday or for any other occasion, a dinner service in a modern design is both a personal and a practical gift idea for lots of different occasions. The timeless beautiful tableware sets from Villeroy & Boch stand out because they offer so many options for combinations and can be expanded by adding further exclusive individual items to them. Because they are s hard wearing, the elegant porcelain services could have been invented for everyday use and their elegant looks bring a touch of luxury into everyday life. This means that whether you are eating alone, with family or friends, these table ware items, available in puristic or vivid colours, will make every mealtime a really pleasurable experience.

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