Glass Plates

Glass plates for serving in style

Create an exclusive table setting with the glass plates from Villeroy & Boch or serve small dishes on the snack plates made from glass. Read more...

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Material: Crystal glass

Glass plates – for elegant place settings

Can be used for any purpose

Typical tableware includes plates that have been developed in all kinds of shapes and sizes for specific situations. From dinner plates to deep soup plates though to large pizza plates, every single piece of crockery fulfils its own purpose. Beautiful glass plates from Villeroy & Boch add a special touch to your home when they emphasise the look of the lovingly prepared salad, the exotic fruits or the tasty desserts. Glass plates create an appealing atmosphere on any dining table because of their modern design and harmonise beautifully with all kinds of settings and other glassware. As a stylish alternative to porcelain plates, the Villeroy & Boch glass plates are perfect as coasters for candles or as a basis for decorative arrangements using sand and seashells.

Fresh colours and sophistication

The transparent material and exclusive design of glass plates give them a unique flair. Depending on taste, you can use a wealth of bright colours to add a fresh touch. Crystal glass plates have a fine sheen and robust finish. They are dishwasher-safe, which means easy cleaning for you. The colourful glass plates in the Boston collection look very cool with their fine diamond cut pattern and you can use them as snack plates at your parties as they form a pretty basis for salty pastries or small canapés.

Glass in history

Natural glass such as obsidian was used in early human history for tools such as wedges and blades because of its level of hardness. But it couldn’t be melted nor dyed, which is why the production of artificial glass developed. The basis then was similar to today’s processing: quartz, potash, lime and soda. Adding other substances creates new types of glass. Villeroy & Boch uses the finest materials and professional workmanship to produce glass plates. This is reflected not only in the robustness of the glasses and crystal glasses, but also in the unique look.

Harmony on the table

Glass plates are not only an exclusive gift idea for a housewarming as glass crockery from Villeroy & Boch will always make an exquisite present for a milestone birthday, Christmas or a wedding. Whether for your own household or as a small gift for friends and family, combine the Boston glass plates with the glass tumblers, long drink glasses or bowls from the same collection and create a uniform look on your table. Colourful glassware goes beautifully with shiny white porcelain plates placed in the centre of the underplates. Colour-coordinated placemats and high-quality cutlery round off the setting in style.


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