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White Plates

Fine plates in white from Villeroy & Boch – Purism in its most beautiful form

Present your delicious food on gleaming, elegant white plates from Villeroy & Boch and and add that certain extra something to your magnificently decorated festive table! Read more...

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White plates from Villeroy & Boch – for use in meals from gourmet breakfasts to exclusive dinners

Splendid beauty down to the last detail

A tastefully laid out dining table is something which strikes as being really regal, as long as there is perfect harmony between the various tableware items and they are presented with the appropriate the cutlery and glasswares. With an ensemble of white porcelain plates from Villeroy & Boch, however, you are certain of remaining on the right side of the style divide. Arrange the dining plates in the centre of the underplates and supplement these with attractive bread or side plates. The magnificently gleaming surface of the exquisite white plates, made of high-quality premium porcelain or premium bone porcelain, harmonises perfectly with a modern cutlery set made of high quality stainless steel and can be enhanced by the addition of sparkling drinks glasses for those really specially occasions.

A delicious start to the day

It is really something special at weekends to be able to enjoy a really hearty breakfast with your family and to spend time with one another without interruption. With tasty food and a cover comprising fine plates in white from Villeroy &Boch, even this first meal of the day can be made into a little feast! Treat yourself and your loved ones with crispy bread rolls and croissants, smeared with fruity marmalade or jam. Or how do you fancy some scrambled eggs, freshly prepared and served by you on an elegant serving plate? An appetisingly arranged assortment of fruits will ensure you have your healthy daily dose of vitamins and a varied and colourful arrangement of fruits means that the value of having a white presentation surface to impress your guests will come into its own once again.

Carefree lightness

When you invite friends or relatives to dinner, you want to be absolutely certain that all your guests feel really comfortable. The choice of the menu plays an essential role here. In the summer months, for example, you can wait on your guests and serve them Mediterranean delicacies, taking them on a culinary holiday journey! The exclusive plates in puristic white from Villeroy & Boch underline in a most emphatic way the lightness of crispy salads, vegetables fresh from the market and aromatic meat or fish. You can serve home-made penne, tagliatelle or rigatoni with a refined sauce creation, made following an original Italian recipe on beautifully designed white pasta plates and sprinkle them with fresh herbs and spicy Parmesan!

Combining and varying with contrasting styles

Combining and varying with contrasting styles

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