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Serving plates & cake platters from Villeroy & Boch – Because it's all about the presentation

Show off your diligently home-baked Black Forest gateau on a lovely cake platter. It will look just as good as the one you bought from the bakers.

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Bring out the special features

When served on a lovingly arranged cake plate, your guests will be even more delighted by your culinary skills. Whether you have spent hours in the kitchen or just paid a quick trip to your local bakers: arranged on a lovely decorative plate, even the most basic pastries will look inviting. To make the surprise even greater, and to protect these treats from any house cats skulking around, a cake plate with a cover is well worth your while. Of course, you can also present small snacks such as muffins, petits fours or chocolates on a decorative plate. If you are receiving several guests, small sweet treats become the festive centrepiece on the beautifully laid table, especially when served on a cake stand.

Don't worry about which plate to use. Choose one of ours.

Does your family get together regularly at the weekend or is the sweet smell of a fresh apple pie drifting from your kitchen more of a rare event? When choosing the right cake plate, you can of course opt for a specific design, but you should also take the material into account. For really special occasions, an elegant plate with golden decorations could be worth considering whereas, for weekly use, a less delicate type of porcelain with a tough glazing or a glass cake plate may be more suitable. Consciously opt for contrasts or aim for a uniform table setting. If you opt for serving and side dish plates to go with your existing crockery, matching plates and saucers will ensure a harmonious effect.

The latest generation of traditional porcelain

Villeroy & Boch even invests in research and development for its most simple cake plates. During our long tradition, master craftsmen have developed new processes to make the delicate porcelain even more resistant. Discover the elegance of the exclusive premium bone porcelain which, with its warm shimmer, appears to be almost transparent, or make use the radiant white of our premium porcelain to turn every cake into a small celebration. The serving plates are suitable for everyday use and can resist any dishwasher program. Every cake plate and decorative plate that leaves our factory passes through the hands of experienced and passionate skilled workers to guarantee you a flawless product.

Shape, function, feeling: Everything has been thought of

Match your serving dish to the occasion and celebrate birthdays, wedding anniversaries or delightful Sunday family get-togethers with festive crockery. Surprise your guests with original shapes and radiant colour designs or impress them with elegantly understated items. When baking, if you are already relying on the Cooking Elements series with its clever design, you can also use the flat tops as cake plates. Combine items and create the perfect look which conveys exactly the right feeling already at first sight. You'll certainly find the matching underplate for every plate at Villeroy & Boch. Because we know that serving is an art in itself.

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