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Coffee spoons from Villeroy & Boch – Stylish companions for tea and coffee treats

Relax with a hot cup of tea or let the stimulating freshly-ground coffee take effect while the coffee spoon from Villeroy & Boch charmingly completes the coffee service. Read more...

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Impressive as a little extra

When the family comes round on Sunday afternoon for a fresh coffee and a piece of cake, the practical coffee spoon is an essential addition to the tasteful porcelain service. The perfect assistant, it helps not only to expertly portion sugar, but also to stir it into the tea or coffee. In addition, the coffee or tea spoon is especially useful once the tea has brewed, helping to extract the tea bag from the cup in style. If you do not want to lay the table with extra cake and dessert forks, the coffee spoon can also be used to eat cake. The versatile coffee spoons from Villeroy & Boch are useful accessories that also conjure a charming touch of flair onto the coffee table.

Universal every day, brilliant on special occasions

Alongside knives, spoons were used as the only eating tool for hundreds of years, so specialisations for certain meals or drinks were the logical consequence. The range from Villeroy & Boch thus offers espresso spoons and latte macchiato spoons as well as stylish coffee spoons in various shapes and sizes. When brilliant elegance is what is needed on the table, the partially gold-plated spoon is an impressive choice, creating an attractive ambiance for special occasions. Teamed with the classic coffee cups, the coffee spoons with the colourful plastic handles in the Play! series bring a splash of colour and design to the table, and are ideal for everyday use. The NewWave coffee spoons are also eye-catching with their indented stems that allow them to be placed directly on the edge of the cup.

The strength lies in the foundation

Innovative design, state-of-the-art production processes and finest quality are just as integral to Villeroy & Boch as coffee spoons to the service of the same name. In a resource-saving production process, high-quality raw materials are transformed into beautifully-formed coffee spoons that impress with their functional aesthetics. The exquisite stainless steel from which most of the coffee spoons are made is not only splendid and has absolutely no taste, but is also designed for everyday use and is dishwasher safe. Even the colourful plastic handles are dishwasher safe and lose none of their bright colour even after many trips through the dishwasher. The stem and bowl display such precise craftsmanship from Villeroy & Boch that the spoons lie comfortably in the hand with perfect balance.

Not only for the coffee break

Amateur bakers will confirm that these small spoons are not just for use when enjoying tea and coffee: as many quantities in cake recipes are given in teaspoons, these little helpers are also useful for measuring out 5 tsp sugar, for example. If you do not want to order the coffee spoons separately and prefer to tailor them to the rest of your cutlery, we recommend a cutlery set from Villeroy & Boch, which includes coffee spoons alongside the classic table cutlery. A full package like this is also an ideal wedding or housewarming gift. After all, it is often chaotic when two households come together. Bring a touch of order and elegant flair to the homes of your friends and family by gifting them the spoons as part of a cutlery set.

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