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Candles from Villeroy & Boch – hand-crafted accessories for a really special atmosphere

With their attractive appearance, the candles from Villeroy & Boch form the decorative highlight in any room and create an artistic touch with their soft glow.

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Stylish candles from Villeroy & Boch create cosy moments, full of warmth

Make your home shine with a festive glow

Above all, during the Christmas and Advent season, candles are used to light up the lovingly decorated living room. With their soft flicker, they make garlands and Christmas trees shine and give off a comforting natural warmth, creating an inviting place to spend time together. But outside of the Christmas season too, candles prove to be atmospheric sources of light and create a unique feel-good atmosphere in the home. For example, when taking a bath, they emanate a special sense of peace and harmony and help you forget about your day. During proverbial candle-lit dinners, candles bathe the room in gentle light, while also functioning as a charming table decoration.

Traditional lighting

Millions of years ago, humans harnessed the soothing warmth and light emitted from the dancing flames of crackling fire. Candles were invented about 5,000 years ago. Different materials were used in a wide range of cultures to produce these flickering sources of light. While in the Orient, wicks made of hemp, reed, rushes or straw were soaked in tallow, in China, wax from seeds and insects, and wicks from rice paper were used. Later, variants from bees wax and stearin came to Europe which gave off less sooty smoke than their predecessors. Modern candles generally consist of one third stearin and two thirds paraffin. Even today, Villeroy & Boch's candles exude the same feel of the original versions, and create a very special mood.

Tasteful accessories

As one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality ceramic, porcelain and crystal glass products in premium quality, Villeroy & Boch offers you a comprehensive range of exquisite products to enhance your life and make your home even more beautiful. In addition to high-quality crockery, cutlery and glasses, this also includes, for instance, decorative accessories such as candle holders, tealights and tealight holders. Decorated with well-designed candles that can also be obtained from Villeroy & Boch, these items create a lovely ensemble which you can use to set effective accents on a stylishly laid table or on a chest of drawers, sideboard or shelves. For example, discover the elegantly designed candles from the Essential New Candles collection, decorated with fine ornamental patterns.

Sparkling gift ideas

Fire and flickering light exert a very special fascination which have always captivated people throughout the ages. Even in our modern, electrified world, candles have not lost any of their significance and are simply indispensable as a source of ambient light. So, as a small gift, candles and candle holders always make a welcome gift for the host on all types of occasions. If you would like to treat a loved one, give them a gift of a hand-made candle from Villeroy & Boch. If you are looking for a more lavish gift, a candelabra is an excellent idea. The elegant pieces of high-quality crystal glass shimmer in all the colours of the rainbow and make a stylish eye-catcher on any beautifully decorated table.

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