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Wine decanters from Villeroy & Boch – for decanting in style

Let the bouquet of a mature wine breathe in Villeroy & Boch's wine decanters and the subtle hues come into their own even before the first sip. Read more...

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Elegant wine decanters from Villeroy & Boch

The science behind the enjoyment

Few beverages are as demanding as complex wines – from the amount of sunlight they require on the vine and the type of wood used for the barrel to decanting them into the right wine decanter: each aspect influences the bouquet and with it, the drinking quality of the whole wine in general. For that reason, Villeroy & Boch has developed red and white wine decanters that not only convince with their elegant design, but which also take the specialist knowledge of established sommeliers into consideration. The special shape of the decanter meets the requirements of the wine, allowing the wine's rich bouquet to fully unfold. With the right glass carafe, you can discover the rich complexity of your wine and enjoy it with all of your senses.

Carafes tailored to every bouquet

It's precisely when being decanted, that wines prove that they should not just be divided into red and white types. That's why Villeroy & Boch's range of decanters are not just designed with the colour in mind, but cater for all of the components of wine. Challenging bouquets, described as masculine by sommeliers, require more oxygen to fully develop during drinking. The large surface formed in the generously shaped red wine decanter promotes this breathing process. On the other hand, the fine aromas of feminine wines would evaporate here and their delicate taste would diminish. It's for this very reason that the wine decanters for wines such as Bordeaux and Blue Burgundy have been designed with a slimmer shape that protects the bouquet.

Glass in unusual quality

As with porcelain, Villeroy & Boch also stands for high-quality when it comes to wine decanters. The carafes are produced from glass or crystal glass, depending on the collection. For the special shape of all decanters and carafes, we resort to traditional handcrafts: these items are meticulously created by experienced glass blowers. Similarly to the wine taster who critically tastes his wine before allowing his glass to be filled, every wine decanter is also checked for any blemishes before being approved. In this way we can guarantee that your wine is always served in the perfect decanter. To maintain its shine and above all its tastelessness, clean the carafe immediately after use with warm water.

When cultures come together at the table

Villeroy & Boch does not consider wine culture to be a niche for wine enthusiasts but rather as a fundamental part of beautiful tableware. For this reason, the designs of our carafes are not just tailored for the wines. Wine goblets, water glasses and water carafes which nobody should be without at the dinner table should not interrupt the stylistic consistency and are therefore available in most of our series. Create a particularly well-coordinated table setting by placing the crystal glass with its sparkling accents between the plates and pasta bowls made of softly shimmering premium bone porcelain or gleaming premium porcelain. All white and red wine decanters can be effortlessly combined with the high-quality sets from our porcelain collections.


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