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Stylish water goblets from Villeroy & Boch

Sparkles any time, anywhere

Red wine served with game, white wine served with fish, water served with everything. Water, and in particular mineral water, neutralises the taste in the mouth and intensifies the enjoyment of the different spices and flavours of every dish. It's not without reason that water glasses are considered just as important basic items as red and white wine glasses. However, water glasses from Villeroy & Boch are not only used to accompany your evening meals. At the breakfast table, the fine crystal glass makes just as good an impression when filled with a delicious juice drink, and a little water served with espresso, also goes down a treat. You can drink refreshing water, still, sparkling or sweetened with syrup, all day long.

Clear water does not have to be colourless

As, in contrast to complex wines, water does not have high demands on its container, you are completely free to choose whatever shape and colour you like best. Polished water glasses with a stem evoke classic antique glass and ensure an exquisite vintage look when combined with delicate porcelain tableware. If you prefer to dine at a table, set with more modern pieces, the round tumblers or the defined lines of Villeroy & Boch's most understated water glasses will be more your style. Don't shy away from water glasses with coloured glass – a water goblet in bright blue or red can set the right accents next to gleaming white plates, and create an inviting table setting.

Our crystal, a long-standing passion

Villeroy & Boch not only look back on a long and successful tradition of porcelain manufacture. Our seal of quality has also been awarded to our hand-blown glasses and carafes made of crystal glass since 1843. We continue to rely on real craftsmanship so that the glasses not only have the perfect form, but also an impeccable cut. The individual glasses are carefully engraved or polished, and the edges are warmed twice in a process to ensure that drinking is an even more gentle experience. Before leaving the factory, each water glass is individually checked. Special quality which you can see, hear and feel.

Everything you need

We also recommend our water carafe in the same style so that you and your guests can fill up your glasses in the meantime. Of course, you can also vary your set with glassware from other Villeroy & Boch collections and then harmonise the glasses on your table. All water tumblers are made of high-quality crystal glass and can be put in the dishwasher without a worry. If, despite a substance to protect the glass, the glass nevertheless becomes dull, gently polish the “blind spots” away with a cloth soaked in ammonia and bring the glass back to life.

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