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Something so healthy and soothing can also be a true pleasure

Give yourself a break with our tea accessories. The Artesano Hot Beverage products allow aromas to develop perfectly while maintaining comfortable temperatures, so you can enjoy your freshly brewed cuppa!

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Enjoy your tea-times with accessories from Villeroy & Boch

Create the perfect cup of tea

For thousands of years, tea has been the embodiment of enjoyment, relaxation and culture. Initially only distributed at the Chinese court and cloisters, the tea culture spread to Europe at the start of the 17th century. Europe developed its own tea tradition which still continues today, particularly in Great Britain, the mother country of the traditional tea time. But in Germany too, tea-lovers are not uncommon either. They treat themselves to a strong Assam in the morning to get the day off to a good start while in the afternoon, they enjoy a gentle Earl Grey with a tender note of bergamot. True tea-lovers go without sugar or sweeteners, merely adding a drop of milk to enhance natural black tea. However, it's not just the taste that is important at tea time, but also the right tableware.

Tough tee glasses

The uniquely formed tea glasses and cups from Villeroy & Boch combine tradition and modernity in perfect unity. Serve your tea, for instance, in the simple Artesano Hot Beverages tea glasses made of double-walled borosilicate glass. This creates the perfect symbiosis of the ancient tea culture and a contemporary tabletop design. Conversely, the Rose Cottage tea cups with their lovingly designed floral motifs exude summery country house charm. Made of exquisite premium porcelain, these models are stylishly rounded off with tender pink and fresh green shades. Conjure up a particularly lively tea time with the Villeroy & Boch New Wave collections on your table. With the Cities of the World mugs, travel to Tokyo and Shanghai or invite kingfishers and flamingos to take part in your tea party.

The right variety

The heavenly aroma of freshly brewed tea makes every tea-lover's heart skip a beat. From green tea with light jasmine notes to strong chai mixtures made of cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and ginger, a modern cup of tea can be presented in a variety of different ways. For example, pour out your spicy blends in a Villeroy & Boch teapot from the Anmut collection to add a tasteful, visual highlight to your tea party. Always made from fine premium bone porcelain, this series is characterised by radiant colours, floral motifs or classic white. Add a touch of variety to everyday life and brew your tea in a Villeroy & Boch teapot.

The matching accessory

Perfectly coordinated with your Rose Cottage tea cups, Villeroy & Boch also offers an equally charming tea caddy with matching lid. Keep your tea leaves, and protect them from damp and sun light in this delightful caddy. For those who prefer elegant, timeless tea crockery, the New Wave or Flow sugar bowl will perfectly enhance their table at tea time. The subtly curved porcelain perfectly matches the table decoration and thanks to the classic whit lines, it beautifully matches any interior style. Of course, no tea time should be without the matching spoon. That's why Villeroy & Boch offers you a versatile range of teaspoons which you can use to serve the required amount of sugar and stir your tea at will.

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