The name Villeroy&Boch stands for spirited tradition and stylish enjoyment – qualities which also apply to whisky. The subtlest differences in aroma and taste are what make the traditional distillation and tasting of whisky a thoroughly enjoyable passion. And now there is a whisky glass collection for this very passion, which caters for the individual demands of every whisky lover. The sophisticated taste of whisky is thereby given a truly special form.

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Enjoy your whisky with glasses from Villeroy & Boch

The perfect glass for Whisky lovers

It's still not clear to this day whether Whisky originated in Scotland or Ireland. When translated, the term means “water of life” and thus describes an important ingredient. Many breweries obtain the water for their distillate from local sources. Numerous steps are involved in the process until the finished single malt is produced, from crushing and distillation to ripening in casks. A true Scottish scotch or an Irish whisky is only distilled from barley. An American bourbon, on the other hand, is mainly based on maize or rye because during the colonisation period, barley was not grown in North America. Whether simple single malt, blended whisky, scotch or bourbon, Villeroy & Boch has the right glass at the ready to contain these aromatic spirits. In terms of their design and quality, these glasses will win over every whisky lover.

Strong aroma in the right glass

Dry and smoky with a light, medicinal sharpness or a fine nutty aroma and pastry-type nuances: regardless of the age, distillation processes and maturing, this is the succinct taste of whisky which can only fully unfold when poured into the right glass. For instance, a simple, old fashioned tumbler from the American Bar collection with a thick-bottomed base minimizes heat loss and is therefore perfect for a blended whisky or an American Bourbon which can also be enjoyed on ice, depending on your preference. A mature Aberfeldy from the Scottish Highlands is best served in the Single Malt Highlands Whisky Tumbler from the Scotch Whisky collection which not only enhances the flavour but also shows off the splendid golden yellow colour of the whisky in the clear glass tumbler.

Pure cleanness

Exclusive moments of enjoyment brought about by high-quality types of whisky demand unusual whisky glasses produced by Villeroy & Boch in an elaborate manufacturing process. The simple design of the high-quality tumbler harmonises to perfection with the fine purity of the precious crystal glass. This is reflected in the pleasant sound and clarity which is the result of the fine composition of a higher potash content than glass. The high quality of Villeroy & Boch glasses never fails to impress and the glasses are perfect for every occasion – whether everyday life or for that special, festive occasion. The whisky glasses from the different collections can also be perfectly combined with other tumblers or wine glasses from the same series. As they are dishwasher-safe, the whisky tumblers and old fashioned glasses have the added advantage of being suitable for washing in the dishwasher.

The ideal gift for whisky connoisseurs

Choosing a masterful gift is often evidence of creativity and ingenuity. Prove that these characteristics are not unknown to you and offer a gift of whisky glasses and carafes from Villeroy & Boch. Thanks to its glass cork, the bulbous glass carafe from the Scotch Whisky collection reduces the impact of air on the whisky, which invites you to enjoy it once it is in the glass. Offer Villeroy & Boch whisky decanters and tumblers in a set, and conjure up a smile on the face of a whisky-lover. No household should be without versatile bar glasses, juice glasses or water glasses. That's why, in addition to whisky glasses, you can also find glasses for long drinks, sherry glasses, Martini glasses and brandy goblets. Coordinate all your glass products and create a harmonious setting and a coherent picture at any celebration.

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