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Enjoy pizza in styleServe your pizza in style on Villeroy & Boch premium porcelain pizza plates. Ideally complemented by our high-quality New Wave stainless steel cutlery. All you need now are some Purismo wine glasses to raise a toast and turn a simple meal into a real treat! With our Kensington cheese grater on hand to serve up an extra topping of cheese. Use the Cooking Elements spice mill to jazz up your pizza with some sprinkled oregano, thyme or other dried herbs. Then elegantly season your pizza to taste using the Home Elements salt and pepper mills.

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Pizza tableware with style

Pizza is the ultimate Italian classic

Millions of families throughout the world treat themselves more than once a month to a frozen pizza. However, the Italian national dish is also often ordered from a delivery service or simply home-made with fresh ingredients. The most popular classic is quite simply the oven-baked salami pizza, closely followed by pizza Margherita which, legend says, was Italy's first-ever pizza. According to the legend, a Neopolitan restaurateur topped the baked flat bread with the patriotic colours of red (tomato), white (Mozzarella) and green (basil) in honour of Queen Margherita. Although it is no longer possible today to recreate the true origin, the taste of a fresh pizza is in no way damaged by the facts.

Creative from the topping down to the plate

From prawns and pineapples to small sausages, the creative designs and culinary delights of pizza toppings are virtually boundless. While the variations of the delicious Italian speciality vary widely, pizzas ultimately almost always have the same shape and size. As pizzas are often too large for ordinary dinner plates Villeroy & Boch have created special pizza plates with a diameter of up to 32 cm which not only provide enough space for a complete pizza, but also have an impressive design. The pizza plate from the Artesano Provençal Lavendel collection stands out with its impeccable red flower tendril pattern.

Functionality right down to the smallest detail

Villeroy & Boch regularly demonstrates that, despite its long tradition, it always keep up with the latest trends, with its modern collections which elegantly combine function and design. The pizza crockery from the Pizza Passion series is perfectly designed for the Italian speciality, and offers functional equipment for perfect moments of enjoyment. Sophisticatedly serve a Funghi pizza on the round party plate which helps you to effortlessly divide up the treat thanks to the pre-defined cutting grooves, before handing it out on the four individual ceramic plates. The 30 cm pizza plate from the same collection also features cutting grooves on the edge of the plate which guide the knife or pizza cutter effortlessly through the pastry.

Bring a piece of Italy into your home

In addition to the high-quality pizza tableware made of exquisite premium porcelain, Villeroy & Boch keeps versatile accessories at the ready for the perfect evening in true Italian style. Decorate the dining table with pepper mills, wine decanters and sprigs of olives or rosemary, and use the practical pizza accessories to add the finishing touch to the flat bread with its topping. The Kensington cheese grater is the ideal assistant for topping off the pizza with a hint of Parmesan, and a pizza roller from Villeroy & Boch is quite simply mandatory where pizza enjoyment is concerned. Although over 70% of pizza lovers admit to using their fingers to enjoy the dish, the remainder cut their meal stylishly with well-designed pizza cutlery comprising a knife and fork.

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