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Aesthetic crockery and lovely glasses from Villeroy & Boch for a festive ambience at the festive table

When the whole family is round for Christmas or when celebrating a happy event with friends at a dinner party, the right festive crockery is sure to complement the joyful atmosphere. Lovingly designed glasses and cutlery from Villeroy & Boch add the perfect enchanting touch to the festive table.

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Unique festive tableware from Villeroy & Boch

Gleaming festive tableware for a magical table setting

Harmony is defined by the unison, symmetry and aesthetics of different components. To create a harmonious ensemble on your dining table on special occasions, coordinate stylish porcelain crockery from Villeroy & Boch with matching red and white wine glasses and an elegant cutlery collection. Festive tableware from La Classica Contura collection made of premium bone porcelain is extremely popular for festive dinner parties during the Christmas season or an Easter brunch. The design consists of elements from classical architecture and a clear formal language which conjures up elegance and “savoir vivre” on the table in every situation. Likewise, the NewWave Premium collection of dinner tableware is extremely elegant and, with its pure white flowing design, it brings fresh, modern tones to every dining room.

Which wine glass goes with which porcelain item?

A harmonious scene on the festive table is produced by decorative accessories, beautifully formed candle holders and an arrangement of perfectly designed crockery – not forgetting matching red and white wine goblets. An aromatic Cabernet Sauvignon tastes even more intense when enjoyed from a Grand Royal red wine goblet from Villeroy & Boch which enhances the La Classica Contura or Nuova Porzellan collections thanks to its conventional style. The Grand Royal wine goblets and water glasses are made from exclusive hand-blown crystal glass and manufactured elaborately by hand. The artistic cut lends the glasses a touch of luxury which effortlessly spreads across the entire table when rack of lamb with Mediterranean vegetables follows cold coconut mango soup. When serving fish, the white wine goblet with its clear functional pattern rounds off the modern crockery from the NewWave series on the festive table.

The right cutlery from the starter to the dessert

When plates and glasses are arranged on the table, add stylish cutlery to complete the harmonious setting. Whether a festive dinner party or a hearty meal on a special birthday, knives, forks and spoons should always match the style of the crockery. With the partially gold-plated Ella series, Villeroy & Boch has created exquisite dining cutlery which looks luxurious with its linear design and subtle gold applications. Made of stainless steel, the dinner spoons, cake forks and fish knives can be easily washed in the dishwasher after having accompanied a three-course meal. The cutlery from the Marchesi collection is slightly more understated, yielding the stage, for example, to the NewWave Premium porcelain tableware. The modern design reflected in the straight lines perfectly matches the curved plates and salad bowls of the NewWave collection.

Exclusivity at the festive table

Premium bone porcelain, crystal glass and gold-plated stainless steel – tableware series, glassware and cutlery from Villeroy & Boch never fail to impress all down the line with their consistently high quality which is the result of exquisite materials, paired with timeless and beautiful design ideas. Your festive table becomes a real eye catcher not just when you use matching crockery, but also when the decorations are coordinated. Tender flowers in delightful vases, sweet smelling vanilla candles in distinctive candle holders and decorative table runners from Villeroy & Boch provide the perfect foundations for an attractive dinner party with friends and family. The exquisite products from the collections also make the ideal gift for a wedding or special anniversary. Many glasses and cutlery sets come packaged in a blue gift box adorned with Villeroy & Boch's prestigious emblem in delicate white.

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