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Glass Plates

Glass plates for stylish food presentation

Glass plates from Villeroy & Boch can be used to create a exclusive table setting and the glass snack plates are ideal for smaller dishes. Read more...

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Glass plates – for elegant place settings

Can be used for any purpose

Dining tableware normally includes plates, which have been developed in various shapes and sizes for particular situations. From the dining plate through the deeper soup plate and right up to the generously sized pizza plate, they all fulfil their own particular purpose. Beautiful glass plates from Villeroy & Boch create really special accents in your home by beautifully highlighting your lovingly prepared salad, exotic fruits or tasty desserts. The modern design of our glass plates helps to create a pleasant atmosphere on any table and they harmonise beautifully with many different types of place setting and other items of glassware. These beautifully designed glass plates can be used as an alternative to porcelain plates or even as a base for candles or for decorative arrangements of sand and mussels on your table.

Fresh colours and sophistication

Because of their exclusive design and the fact that they are made from such a fragile material, these glass plates have their own special charisma. The variety of colour shades of the decorative under plates in the Colour Concept Collection from Villeroy & Boch brings pleasing freshness to your table. According to your personal preference, you can set accents in blue, green, red or other colours. The fine shine and the robust workmanship of the plates made from crystal glass are really impressive. They are dishwasher safe so they are really easy to clean. Less colourful but there more exclusive in refined black and white, the square glass plates in the Cera Collection are a beautiful way of serving snacks, salty pastries or small canapés.

Glass in history

Naturally occurring glass, such as obsidian, was used early in human history for making tools like axes and blades because it was so hard. It could, however, neither be molten or coloured, which is why the manufacturing of artificial glass was developed. Even then, the basis for this processing was, as today, through the use of materials quartz sand, potash, lime and soda. The addition of other materials to the process means that new types of glass are developed. Villeroy & Boch always uses the finest materials and expert processing for the manufacture of our glass plates. This can be seen, not just in the robustness of the glasses and crystal glasses, but also in their unique appearance.

Harmony on the table

Glass plates are an exclusive gift idea- not just when somebody is moving house, but also for significant birthdays, as Christmas presents and for a wedding, - glass tableware items from Villeroy & Boch always make exquisite gifts. Whether for use in your own household or to attract the attention of your friends and family, you can combine the Colour Concept glass plates with the glass tumblers, long drinks glasses or dishes from the collection and create a unified appearance for your table. Splendid white porcelain plates harmonise beautifully with colourful glassware and can be positioned centrally on the under plate. Suitably coloured place mats and high quality cutlery will round the place setting off beautifully.

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