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Whisky glasses from Villeroy & Boch – for a stylish affair in the evening

Relax and enjoy the colour, aroma and taste of a mature single malt or good blend in a high-quality whisky glass from Villeroy & Boch. Read more...

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Material: Crystal glass

Whisky glasses from Villeroy & Boch – for stylish evening indulgence

Why whisky tastes better from the right tumbler

Just like wine, whisky needs the right glass to fully develop its entire bouquet. The classic tumbler is a whisky glass with an extremely robust base, which can have a straight or rounded shape. Tumblers are suitable as single malt whisky glasses, but can also be used for bourbon and blends. The small tumbler is known as an old fashioned, and has always been used for whisky. The large tumbler or double old fashioned (DOF) is perfect for a pure whisky, but is also often used for cocktails. In both sizes, the fine crystal glass from Villeroy & Boch offers connoisseurs a clear view, so they can clearly interpret the colour of the whisky.

A round-the-world trip from glass to glass

Ireland is home to many of the most famous names in whisky, but the Emerald Isle actually has far fewer distilleries than you might think. Whisky glasses are only filled with local whisky in the Eastern provinces and on the island's southern tip. Scotland has far more distilleries, with every region producing its own. Speyside, stretching along the coast between Inverness and Aberdeen and hugged by the Highlands, is home to the most. Every village is proud to serve visitors its own single malt. On the other side of the pond, the Americans pour their own version into their whisky tumblers: real bourbon. The British and Irish do not recognise bourbon as whisky, as it is distilled from corn, not malt.

A meeting of form, function and feeling

For us, enjoying a good whisky from a beautifully-shaped crystal glass is an integral part of cultivated table culture. The whisky glasses from Villeroy & Boch are produced by craftsmen and characterised by outstanding quality. You can tell this not only from their timeless design, but also from their pleasant rim, immaculate craftsmanship and stability in the hand and on the table. When cared for correctly, the glasses in all our collections maintain their shine for the long term, so that your favourite whisky can both look and taste its best. All glasses are dishwasher safe, so you can relax after your drink.

Recognise the whisky by its glass

As is the case for many spirits, different glass shapes have been developed to allow the aromas of each whisky to exhibit their full potential. For a smoky whisky from the Isle of Skye, choose a bulbous glass to underscore its intensive character. The slimmer crystal glasses were designed for the more delicate whiskies of the Scottish Highlands – their thin glass sides are perfect for showing off the rich colour of single malt. A traditional Old Fashioned tumbler is right for serving a good slug of Kentucky bourbon trail – straight or on the rocks. A bourbon cocktail whisky sour is especially popular in the American South – a mix of lemon juice, cane sugar, bourbon and a little egg white on ice that fills a Double Old Fashioned tumbler from Villeroy & Boch right to the rim.

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