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Material: Borosilicate glass
Material: Borosilicate glass

Coffee and tea glasses from Villeroy & Boch

From Arabica to lemon grass

Statistics show that coffee and tea are among the most popular hot drinks. Germans drink an average of 176.5 litres of tea and coffee per head each year. Good coffee is invigorating both on the breakfast table and at the office in the afternoon. In contrast, an aromatic Darjeeling served in a tea cup helps us to relax on the sofa at the weekend. Firmly integrated into our culture, tea and coffee are today seen as a synonym for social interaction. When friends and family come round for a rich cappuccino or spicy Assam, serve the hot drinks in the beautiful coffee and tea cups from Villeroy & Boch and conjure a modern atmosphere onto your coffee table.

True indulgence, layer by layer

Turkish coffee, café latte and cappuccino do not necessarily need to be served in classic porcelain cups. As the popular latte macchiato demonstrates, the indulgent layers of some coffee specialities are best shown off when the hot drinks are served in transparent glass cups. Available in sizes from 110 ml to 450 ml, the double-walled tea and coffee cups in the Artesano collection serve as modern vessels for numerous tea and coffee beverages. The cups and mugs from Villeroy & Boch impress with attractive design and high functionality, as the drinks stay hot for a long time. Another eye-catcher on the coffee table is sure to be the 500 ml latte macchiato cup in the NewWave décor, whose transparent clarity is underscored by its stainless steel handle.

When innovation meets design

A coffee or tea cup from Villeroy & Boch always stands out thanks to its design and quality. We have produced our premium glassware from high-quality raw materials and with careful craftsmanship since 1843. Their immaculate elegance is proof that porcelain is not the only material from Villeroy & Boch that impresses in everyday use. The double-walled thermoglass of the precious tea and coffee cups not only looks incredibly elegant: it also keeps a hot chocolate warm just as long as a stimulating Arabica or spicy Assam. Produced from borosilicate glass, the cups impress with their absolute resistance to sudden fluctuations in temperature. Heating up milk or cocoa in the microwave is no problem for these everyday cups, which are also robust enough for cleaning in the dishwasher.

For any season...

The stylish glass cups and mugs are an excellent gift idea for coffee and tea fans. Be it for a wedding, birthday or Christmas, the ingenious design of the precious glasses is a real eye-catcher on any gift table. For real indulgence for tea fans, why not choose the matching teapot from the Artesano collection, with integrated tea strainer, available in two designs with volumes of 0.5 l or 1 l. In summer, the charming glasses can also be used for cold drinks. Filled with ice cubes and a refreshing ice tea, the glass cups and mugs hold a pleasant drink that is kept at the perfect temperature, whatever the season.

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