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Tea/Coffee and Cake

Festive crockery for tea, coffee or cakes from Villeroy & Boch

Whether the daily coffee in the morning or a cosy get-together with friends and family in at the weekend: aromatic hot drinks are best appreciated in Villeroy & Boch's stylish tea and coffee cups with motifs that also appear on the delightful cookware from the same collection.

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Stylish tea and coffee tableware

Tea and coffee tableware for moments of pure enjoyment

It's widely acknowledged that tea and coffee are the most popular hot beverages throughout the world. Many are those that appreciate the calm, relaxation and harmony that accompany tea-drinking moments. Tea is regularly enjoyed in many cultures. Whether England, East Friesland, Japan or in Maghreb countries, a strong cup of Assam or an (un)sweetened Matcha regularly form the basis of traditional tea parties. However, in the mean time, for many Germans, coffee drinking has become a morning ritual or forms part of Sunday get-togethers. Whether for tea- or coffee-lovers, Villeroy & Boch has charming coffee and tea crockery at the ready for all pleasure seekers. Charming patterns, aesthetic lines and high-quality materials characterise the cups, mugs, teapots and cake plates of Villeroy & Boch's diverse collections.

Colourful freshness on the coffee table

The warm smell of a freshly baked cake and delicious aroma of coffee waft through the air. The scene is completed by a stylish coffee set from Villeroy & Boch. In particular, the crockery from the Caffè Club Floral collection in modern colours accentuates your coffee and cake enjoyment. Elegance emergences from the perfect symbiosis of floral motifs and a fresh colourful design. Whether gentle caramel shades or fruity berry reds, the colourful diversity offers a cup and saucer to suit all tastes. If you prefer classic aesthetics, you'll love serving Roiboos vanilla tea in a perfectly shaped tea cup from the Artesano Original collection. The basis of the white porcelain crockery is formed by high-quality premium porcelain which is crafted into fantastically beautiful tableware collections by Villeroy & Boch in an extensive production process.

Careful, it's hot!

The drinking temperature is an important property of tasty hot beverages which gives you a pleasant feeling of warmth while you're enjoying the drink. Villeroy & Boch's fine coffee and teapots are ideal for effortlessly serving coffee and tea, and have enough space for up to six cups of Arabica tea or Chai. Depending on your personal preference, decorate your coffee table with the Rose Cottage teapot and accompanying crockery. On the other hand, the Artesano Original teapot brings a hint of modernity to the table with its timelessly elegant lines and fine wooden handle. With a touch of transparency, the glass pots from the Artesano Hot Beverages collection give you a glimpse of the aromatic infusion even before you taste it. Pass your guests the matching, double-walled cups from the same collection which will keep the drink warm and effortlessly impress your guests with their unique design.

When milk should not be missing

While British tea lovers in particular often disagree about whether or not milk should be added to black tea, in a cup of coffee, milk is compulsory together with a lump of sugar. To ensure that the milk jug is well-coordinated with the rest of the table setting, choose one form the Anmut, Artesano, Amazonia or Rose Cottage tableware collections. The fine patterns of the cake plates and coffee and tea cups are repeated on the small jugs, ensuring a harmonious overall setting. The charming tea caddies and sugar bowls make lovely serving aids and thanks to their clever design, keep out the moisture so that their contents are safely stored. The crockery set from the romantic Rose Cottage collection perfectly complements a finely crafted pie server and mini tray stand on which éclairs find their place alongside cream puffs and nut slices.

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