Blue Dinner Plates

Blue plates from Villeroy & Boch – for brightening up your table


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Material: Premium Porcelain
Material: Premium Porcelain
Material: Premium Porcelain
Material: Premium Porcelain
Material: Premium Porcelain
Material: Premium Porcelain

Add splashes of colour with blue plates

High-quality materials

The flat or deep dinner plates often get the first attention in a beautiful set. Blue plates and crockery with delicate blue patterns, such as the floral brindille pattern (“brindille” meaning sprig), enhance the stylish look of any breakfast table and coffee get-together. So it’s not only a feast for the eyes, but also a celebration of shapes and colours, of the translucent look and fine shimmer. You can recognise high-quality porcelain from its subtle sound, warm feel and resistance to scratches, impact and chipping. In addition to the high-quality Premium Porcelain, some Villeroy & Boch collections use Premium Bone Porcelain, i.e. the finest and best porcelain known for its high chip-resistance.

Design: from matt to glossy

It’s primarily the plates that determine the effect of a beautifully laid table – their shape, colour, design and the quality of the matt or glossy porcelain. Based on their size alone, plates are at the heart of the tableware. Moreover, it is where your gaze rests longest while enjoying your food. A beautifully designed plate rim is important as it gives your food a visual framework and is also visible when the plate is full. Blue or turquoise plates reflect the timeless colour of water and the sky and look elegant, harmonious and natural. The colour blue goes beautifully with a Mediterranean and Scandinavian country style and can be combined with many other colours and styles.

Matching the table decoration

Do you love plates, crockery and table decoration in light or bold shades of blue? Discover the natural and graceful charisma of the Artesano Nature Bleu collection. You won’t “feel blue” any more with the hand-painted plates – each one unique – when you use them for a stylish breakfast, weekend brunch or dinner. Or enjoy a summery feel with the fruity motifs of the Cottage collection – the plates alone will whet your appetite for something fresh and delicious. Your favourite pasta dishes will make a big impression on the blue plates from the Colourful Life collection and you can combine the timelessly beautiful crockery however you like. Moreover, you’ll have everything you need for a romantic afternoon tea or a cosy breakfast in bed with the Rose Cottage breakfast plates in blue or a coffee plate in turquoise from the Caffè Club collection.

Quality that looks good

In addition to the blue plates from the new and classic collections, we also have colourful crockery for young gourmets. After all, children also enjoy beautiful crockery and can intuitively recognise its quality. If the dinner plate or soup plate has an appealing motif, such as an animal to fall in love with or a landscape with a blue sea or sky, it inspires the imagination, makes it easier to sit still while eating and encourages them to treat the crockery with care. Discover the colourful children's crockery from Villeroy & Boch, such as the Happy as a Bear and Hungry as a Bear collections. They will help you spread joy and happiness around the family table and also make the perfect gift for a birthday or baptism.


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