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Enjoy original Italian pomace brandy in proper style with grappa glasses from Villeroy & Boch

The cup-shaped grappa glasses from Villeroy & Boch let the aroma of the delicious spirit unfold beautifully. The long stem also turns the crystal glasses into a very special eye-catcher. Read more...

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Material: Crystal glass
Material: Crystal glass
Material: Crystal glass

Enjoy the full aroma of the elegant drink with grappa glasses from Villeroy & Boch

A feast for all the senses

After a tasty Mediterranean meal, what could be more fitting than a delicious after-dinner grappa? Due to its digestive properties, this Italian brand makes an excellent digestive, and perfectly rounds off any culinary Mediterranean trip. To fully savour this spirit's multifaceted variety of tastes, pour the grappa into a special grappa glass from Villeroy & Boch made of shining crystal glass. This glass has a small belly which tapers off at the top, thereby concentrating the smell of the beverage around the top of the glass. The special shape enables the nose to perceive the different aromas even before drinking, thus enhancing your enjoyment.

More than just a recycling product

The term “grappa” is taken from the Italian term “grappolo” for grapes, and draws attention to the way in which this fruity spirit is made. This process involves distilling the grape-based pomace which is generated as a by-product of the wine production process. It is fermented in large cauldrons before being refined into one hundred percent grappa in copper pot stills. The aromatic results are obtained from the pomace of red grapes. The grappa can then be stored – in the same way as whisky or other spirits – in wooden casks where it takes on its slightly golden colour and distinctive taste. However, this maturing process is not essential. On the contrary, many grappa lovers swear by the pure and unadulterated version of the distillate.

Turns each sip into a treat

The fact that grappa is a true speciality is due above all to the origin of the delicious beverage. Only grape marc spirits from Northern Italy are entitled to be called “grappa”. To adequately appreciate the manifold taste nuances of the aromatic distillate, it should be enjoyed in small sips. Younger grappas are preferably served slightly cooled at a temperature of about 10°C, whereas older variants come fully into their own at 14-18°C. Served in a long-stemmed crystal grappa glass from Villeroy & Boch, the particularly elegant drink becomes an unsurpassed treat.

Crystal clear taste sensations

The grappa glasses from Villeroy & Boch are made of high-quality crystal glass for which selected raw materials are used. Due to the special resistance of the material, the glasses are just as suitable for festive occasions as for everyday use and can be easily washed in the dishwasher without any problem. Thanks to their simple elegance, the well-designed grappa glasses are not only perfect for enjoying the original Italian grape marc spirit but also provide the perfect conditions for savouring many other spirits. The high-quality grappa glasses from Villeroy & Boch also make an excellent gift idea for grappa fans and for those who wish to become so.


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